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November 2022 - Healthy Relationships

Alberta has the third highest rate of self-reported spousal violence among Canadian provinces, yet family violence is preventable. November is Family Violence Prevention Month (FVPM) in Alberta. It is a time to increase awareness of the warning signs of family violence and the resources and support available so we can work together to end family violence and build healthier relationships in our communities.

Check out this video to learn 6 signs of an unhealthy relationship: 

That’s not Love Campaign:

This November, join us in recognizing Family Violence Prevention Month and learn what resources are available in your community to support those affected by family violence. When home  is no longer safe, here are a few resources that could help:

Having a Healthy Relationships is:

1-Being Aware of what family violence is and what to do. 

2-Knowing how to begin conflict resolutions with others and being able to follow through on solutions agreed on.


For all our students who may want to be close to someone and have a Healthy Relationship: 

3-This means having boundaries that keep you safe, making sure you have  a voice to set those boundaries

So here at the OUTREACH we want to let you know that our students are older teens, some are already young adults. For them being in a relationship is at times so important. It could become easy for our youths to be influenced by their peers, by the groups we participate in to make not so good decisions when it comes to relationships and choices. If you socialize in activities where there may be alcohol and drugs used,  people in general often do not make the right choices or decisions when under the influence. 

NO means NO. And if they are not able to say NO it is still NO. When they say yes then say NO it is NO. If they do not give their consent it is NO. For a clean example you tube video that will tell you 


CONSENT (It is as simple as a cup of TEA)

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