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BLOG February 2023


Welcome and hello again from NLPS OUTREACH SCHOOL 

Student Advocacy Counselors: 

Kim Turchyn, Crystal Anderson, Judy Livingston

 Monthly Theme - Compassion ( kindness, self compassion and Pink T-shirt day)

Thank you to all of the parents and guardians who have emailed and provided feedback and support for our BLOGS. Please continue to do so.. 

Compassion is kindness that is rooted in a genuine appreciation of other human beings, as real people who also suffer. Compassion. It doesn’t have to look like much. It can be the smallest of things that we can and do. 

Actions of compassion that we do

  • Acts of kindness and caring
  • Acts of helping others
  • Acts of empathy
  • Acts of reaching out to others. 

What we see with compassion

  • taking a second to listen at work
  • Carrying heavy items for someone
  • Cleaning snow for a neighbor who is not able 
  • Kids who include others who have no one to play with at break time
  • Calling someone who has experienced a sad event. 
  • Giving up a seat to a pregnant woman
  • being polite to retail workers
  • helping your friend move
  • just a smile 

Compassion takes many forms. Paying it forward with positive actions over the course of a day can do everything from bringing a smile to someone's face to preventing burnout, even your own.

A compassionate act can be almost anything, provided the motivation is in the right place. Your ultimate goal should be to prevent the suffering of others.

Check out the links below for some ideas to practice Compassion; 

Like what you see? check out the  Compassion page of the NLPS website for more great learning opportunities!

25 Quotes to Ignite Compassion from Within – *Positive Provocations*

Kindness is an integral  part of compassion so the question could be-

Are you raising nice kids? A Harvard psychologist gives 5 ways to raise them to be kind

5 ways to raise children to be kind 

Simple Acts of Kindness to do

  1. Leave money on a vending machine for someone
  2. Bake cookies for the elderly
  3. Serve at a homeless shelter
  4. Do a 5k for a good cause
  5. Help at a veterinarian office
  6. Pick up litter on the beach
  7. Let someone go in front of you in line
  8. Give a stranger a compliment
  9. Make dinner for a family in need
  10. Insert coins into someone’s parking meter
  11. Buy flowers to hand out on the street
  12. Leave letters of encouragement on people’s cars

Pink Shirt Day Buttons | Pink Shirt Day is a day to encourage everyone to  put an end to bullying by spreading kindness, both online and off. But we  all know we


Thank you for reading our BLOG and please let us know what you think and what you would like to see. Have a great month.  Please let us know how we are doing by contacting us at your teens school at any time. We have great ideas, time to talk and if you need supports or resources just ask and we will try to find this for you. 






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