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April 2023 - Self-Awareness

APRIL BLOG THEME FOR THE OUTREACH SCHOOLS- Self-Awareness/Self-Reflection (Self-Esteem, Self-Awareness, Wellness Journals)

Hi everyone so glad you opened this up to take a look at what this month is all about. 

So Just to reflect on our March BLOG with the focus being on  lifestyles, health and sleep (never get enough sleep right. 

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MARCH-Wake up each morning and treat yourself with the respect you deserve. Look in the

mirror and know that the person looking at you wants what you want. A better outlook

and a chance to make any changes that you feel you need to make. That person in the

mirror will pick you up if you just ask and help you on your journey to be the you you are

ready to be.

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APRIL’S MESSAGE in humor about ourselves and the best we can be. April is a promise of spring and a promise of new beginnings. From Easter remembering to family time with the darn Easter Rabbit and flowers.  Can’t wait.


1- Self reflection made easy ( yes that is you and what great day we can have together we do not need anyone else around to have fun and make new adventures 

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2- Self esteem/ confidence clearly shown as being the individual that can fit in exactly where I want to be. 

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3- self awareness, yes you.. You really do know who you are and you are great so step up and be YOU.

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4- What is a self wellness journal? Just another Lamp that can shine out bright and clear if only we plug it in and enjoy. 

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WHAT a great way to be the best SELF WE CAN BE 

Happy April / Easter and Spring and best wishes on the journey to spring from all of us at the Outreach schools. We welcome your calls and or emails at any time. Hope to hear from you.


Kim, Judy and Crystal

For more resources, check out the Self-Awareness page of the NLPS website. 

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