From the Alberta Guide to Education:

An outreach program provides an educational alternative for students who, due to individual circumstances, find that the traditional school setting does not meet their needs. The program allows students to access resources that improve their ability to succeed academically and socially. A flexible approach is taken to teaching and learning in recognition of individual student needs. Our schools use a blend of individual learning, hands-on learning through labs and projects, directed instruction in seminars, and digital learning (iPads, laptops, online work) in order to help students succeed.

Alberta High School Diploma (100 Credits)

Courses in the diploma program are designed for most students who are planning to work immediately after high school or progress into post-secondary study. Courses in the diploma program will end in -2, or -3 depending on the specific stream students require for their post-secondary plans.

Alberta Certificate of High School Achievement (80 Credits)

Also known as the Knowledge and Employability program, courses are designed for students who demonstrate reading, writing, mathematical and/or other levels of achievement two to three grade levels below their age-appropriate grade.   Courses in the certificate program will end in -4 to align with the diploma program.