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Grades Taught

9 - 12


Northern Lights Outreach Schools offer students a unique opportunity to complete some or all of your high school education program. Outreach provides an education built on: individualized programming, flexible scheduling, one-on-one support, self-paced learning, con-current programming with local partner schools.


Outreach education in Alberta is now well established and is recognized by the government as a legitimate way to help students graduate.  Traditionally, instruction in outreach was limited to modules and was a storefront model where students would drop by and pick up modules and then return what they had finished.  Today outreach has grown to include blended educational practices, where a student often meets with a teacher to receive help emotionally and educationally as they work towards achieving their goals.  A variety of educational delivery models are used to bring education to the student in terms that they can understand. The outreach teacher has grown from purely an instructional design specialist to include counseling and building encouraging relationships both local and distant.  Thus, our vision encompasses delivering education through a variety of means in a thoughtful and caring environment.


Mr. Elliott Bessey


Mr. Elliott Bessey - Principal

Mr. Lisa Gingras- Assisstant Principal


Our community provides individualized education to students within a safe and supportive environment where all participants feel they belong, and have purpose.

We empower all to provide opportunities and guidance for participants to achieve their academic and life goals, as they grow towards an independent future as positive contributing citizens.  


We believe that our students are lifelong learners who deserve a spectrum of creative opportunities to achieve success in a supportive, respectful environment that will provide them with skills for the rest of their lives.


Our school values include:


  •     Excellence in the community:

o   Learning.

o   Volunteering/Community service.

o   Family.

o   Friendship.

o   Citizenship.

o   Cooperation.

  •     Excellence in our school:

o   Guidance.

o   Organization.

o   Acceptance and appreciation.

o   Cleanliness.

o   Courteous language and behavior.

o   Safety and care.

o   Role modeling.

  •     Excellence as a student (personal excellence):

o   Empathy and compassion.

o   Respect.

o   Honesty.

o   Independence.

o   Accountability.

o   Perseverance.

o   Self-control.

o   Confidence.

o   Ambition.


Whenever we make decisions at our school, we should check to see if these decisions align with not only provincial and district goals, but also our vision and values.


We promote these values through active learning and discussion with our students and each other during our advisory and other learning opportunities as they present themselves.